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Differences between Web Design and Web Development

What is Web Development?

Web Development allows users to have a seamless experience, all the while ensuring the building and maintenance of the website with an aesthetic look. This is done with the use of various coding languages depending on the type of task being performed and the platform being worked on. The front-end takes care of the user experience that includes design, interactivity, layout and the back-end takes care of the server-side where the data is stored that would be used for the front-end.  Read more

7 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills in 2020. Companies are actively looking for digital marketers to join their team but there is a very huge gap between demand and supply. Many college students and the unemployed are looking for ways to learn digital marketing skills. Let’s look at 7 free online digital marketing courses to learn digital marketing, which will help you in the job search. Read more

Why digital marketing is important for your business

If you don’t hate the year 2020 already, you are a time-traveller who skipped all the days of this year and just landed on today. We know how difficult this year has been for you and your business. If someone is going to tell you how important Digital Marketing is without telling you why it is so, you are going to give them a dirty look, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we will tell why exactly Digital Marketing is important and necessary for your business. Read more

Importance of branding for your Startup

In the book of Marketing by Philip Kotler Branding is defined as ‘promoting products and services with the power of a brand’. Branding is not just about putting your logo everywhere.

Most of the early-stage companies avoid the importance of branding. But if a brand does its homework to research and define the right kind of message and targeting before circulating the product in the market would help the company stand out from the competition.

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