10 Best SEO Practice’s in 2020

August 15, 2020 circleit

10 Best SEO Practice’s in 2020

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We all know that Search Engine Optimization is a practice. It helps in the quality and quantity of traffic to websites through organic search engine outcomes or results. Similarly, even if a website starts attracting the target audience, it is also needs advertising that ranks the website on the search engine result pages. Read More

A website isn’t quite a website unless it has appropriate content that caters to the target audience. One should know the importance of the quality of the content and what keywords to use while making content. These little things come in handy while managing a website.

Here are the ten best SEO practices in 2020:

Adding main keywords in the beginning in the content

We all know how important keywords are. The more tastefully we can add them to the content, the more it caters to the target audience. Besides this, it also brings more quality traffic. But adding the keywords early into the content turns out to be more effective. We know Google puts more emphasis on things that appear at the top of any webpage. So, make sure to put keywords early and multiple times in the content.


Avoiding identical content is important, as we all know that Google mentions that one should avoid duplicate or identical types of content. It will be very hard to get the target audience’s traffic as they already have access to a similar kind of content.

E-A-T – (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

Websites often struggle with poor reputation due to customer service issues and other trust issues. It will become very difficult to receive concrete unless sites come up with some digitally based competitive advantage.

User Experience –

The greatest practice for SEO professionals is greater success in User Experience, which includes the customer’s overall experience, starting from interaction in SERPs to overall landing page experience.

Mobile SEO –

Well, it is not surprising to see mobile SEO in best practices of 2020 as we all know how people these days are always on their mobile phones. So, a company should build sites for mobiles first and then make them compatible with desktops.

Structured Data –

High- quality content will be a very important practice in 2020. Since algorithms still don’t understand context efficiently, what can be done is to provide “hints” to search engines for better deliver results.

Optimizing site loading speed –

Optimizing site loading speed is emerging as an important factor in losing potential traffics. Some ways a company can improve its site loading speed in several ways, such as using CDN, lazy loading, use a lightweight theme, and compress images.

Link & Brand building –

To acquire top-tier links, one should move to link building into a costumer-first approach. This means that companies need to focus on three types of journalistic writing i.e., planned editorial, planned reactive editorial, and reactive editorial.

Focus on visibility –

Zero-click searches were a great reality in 2019 on SERP SEO, and this continues to grow even bigger in 2020. It is important to think smartly learn how to adapt and take advantage of zero-click searches by getting more strategic about the information companies choose to show in search snippets. Such as using newer schemes, for example, FAQs and HowTo, image and image targeting.

Programming –

Last but not the least, programming is turning out to be an important factor too in this new age of SEOs, a brand should focus and opt for programming languages such as Python or R to recover most-time consuming and redundant tasks. If done so, companies will be free up to harness the potential of marketing fundamentals such as branding, speaking in customer’s language, and creating great customer experiences.


These SEO practices are curated to improve and expand a website’s search engine standings. It is important to keep the basics concepts in mind while working on site. If one gets the foundation in place, it will be easier to apply new advanced approaches. These shall help in search engine optimization if used tastefully and according to website needs.


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