7 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

September 29, 2020
September 29, 2020 circleit

7 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

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Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills in 2020. Companies are actively looking for digital marketers to join their team but there is a very huge gap between demand and supply. Many college students and the unemployed are looking for ways to learn digital marketing skills. Let’s look at 7 free online digital marketing courses to learn digital marketing, which will help you in the job search.


The tech giant, which owns the biggest search engine and the most used mobile OS also hosts free digital marketing courses to help businesses and individuals. Google Digital Unlocked is the basic course, which introduces you to digital marketing while Google Skillshop offers various courses to learn about the Google Ads Platform and Google Analytics. You need to complete the courses and write an exam to get Google Certificates.

Facebook Blueprint

While Facebook Blueprint doesn’t offer any free certificates, you can learn about Facebook and Instagram marketing from the free course materials it offers. There are 8 certificates Facebook offers and writing exams for each certificate costs about $150. If you find the courses expensive, you can always learn from the study materials for free.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Training

Hubspot offers 18 courses on various topics, the most popular one among them is the Inbound Marketing Course. This course teaches inbound marketing techniques, which includes content creation, social media promotion and lead nurturing. Once you complete this course, you will be able to design an Inbound Marketing Strategy for business.

SEO Training by MOZ

MOZ is a popular SEO tool that helps marketers find keywords, audit the website, perform competitor analysis and build backlinks. It also offers a free SEO course on Udemy, which teaches you the basics of SEO. This course helps a beginner get a really good understanding of SEO.

Buffer Courses on Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform. It has a premium package, which offers several online courses, it also offers various free courses and some of them are really good. Introduction to social media strategy and introduction to social media advertising are two such courses. These courses are designed by Buffer, a social media management tool. They offer a great value to the beginners who want to learn social media marketing.
Twitter Flight School

Designed to help advertisers learn about Twitter marketing and its ad platform, Twitter Flight School is an excellent platform if you are planning to learn Twitter advertising. These courses teach you everything about Twitter ad platform from understanding its ads manager to launching a campaign.

Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass for Beginners

Wishpond is a marketing platform for generating, managing and nurturing leads. It offers an email marketing course to help beginners understand the nitty-gritties of email marketing. While this is designed for the beginners, even a pro marketer can learn a thing or two from this course.

These are the free and important digital marketing courses that can help you start your journey. Completing online courses and earning certifications will help you get your first internship or job but getting hands on experience in digital marketing gives you an edge. You can start doing digital marketing for a local business or your friend’s website to get better understanding. We wish you all the best for your digital marketing career.

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