Importance of branding for your Startup

July 8, 2020 circleit

Importance of branding for your Startup

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In the book of Marketing by Philip Kotler Branding is defined as ‘promoting products and services with the power of a brand’. Branding is not just about putting your logo everywhere.

Most of the early-stage companies avoid the importance of branding. But if a brand does its homework to research and define the right kind of message and targeting before circulating the product in the market would help the company stand out from the competition.


We all would have noticed Nike shoes have a swoosh, do you know what it means? It represents speed and motion. Branding plays a significant role in building and making your business a business! Without proper branding, do you think your company could prosper? Let us enlighten you on what actually can happen with the right branding apart from helping your brand build your identity.


Creates a brand identity:


Creating a brand identity for your company is important as it is a way to communicate with the world. It also means your brand needs to create a strong experience so that people can engage with your brand more.

The messaging of your brand should stand out from the competitors and should be able to catch the attention of the general crowds’. Be it graphic, logo, video everything should have cohesiveness in each of the platforms.


The early business helps you keeps in business for longer:


An early branding activity will create a long-lasting impact in front of your target audience. According to a Nielson survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them. Think about your business and where it’s headed in the future. What are you doing to embrace future trends in the business world?

Branding is a long, demanding procedure, but if you promote your brand effectively, the results can be unbelievable.


Brings in, new customers:


Once you have established your brand identity, it will in return bring new customers who are looking for a particular type of product or service which is being offered by your brand. Since your brand is here to stay for a long haul. It shows that the company intends to be one of the identifiable and trustworthy businesses in the industry.

Startup branding emphasis on the initial introduction of what your company can provide to investors and customers. A branding strategy should be carefully crafted. As it can go a long way in engraving a solid identity for a new venture and can define its success.


It will help you in becoming a trend:


When you close your eyes and think of a brand, what’s that one thing common between all of them?

The answer is the way they have branded themselves on platforms like social media, websites. Most of the companies consider branding activity as an investment. They know how important it is to create a brand awareness that would generate revenue.


If you are an early-stage start-up or company who is looking for website development, brand and marketing strategy, User experience, Social media marketing, Email marketing, PPC as these channels are fundamental to gaining brand awareness and growth. We at Circle It are experts in crafting everything for you from the scratch. 

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