Instagram Reels: A game changer for Facebook

July 14, 2020 circleit

Instagram Reels: A game changer for Facebook

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Today’s youth is social-media frenzy. Whether it’s a college-party, a get-together, or an enclosed family reunion, the details and pictures of every such occasion are at the click of your electronic devices.

The paradigm is shifting in the social media universe – all because of Instagram. The present generation is engrossing in this app more than it ever did on Facebook. Why? Because it is more exciting, crisp, and eye-catching.

instagram reels

It is not stuck to the purpose of entertainment only. And has proved to be source of livelihood for many people –the one’s we call the ‘influencers.’

These people have stable incomes from the blessing that we have today – ‘Instagram’.


So, what is this new feature called Instagram Reels?

Instagram has launched a new feature called “Instagram Reels” and here are some interesting facts about this newbie;

  • Regular Instagram users are well-aware of this update
  • Previously, it featured ‘stories’ just like the other social media apps, where you could also highlight your choice of photographs or videos that last on your profile for up to 24 hours
  • The duration of the stories was also for a couple of seconds.
  • Though Instagram Reels is somewhat similar, but it lets you create videos, add filters of your choice, music, and share them
  • The videos are of 15 seconds duration or less
  • You can put AR effects, timer, and countdown, all available at your fingertips
  • You can even align and set speed to these videos
  • If your Instagram account is public, your mini-videos would be available on Instagram’s explore section with the heading of ‘Reels’ just like IGTV.

Why are people calling it a game-changer?

We are all tired out of our wits during this pandemic. All of us are stuck indoors, working from home and staring at the computer screens for long hours. We need to keep ourselves entertained; but at the same time, we have become too impatient to stare at long videos.

Here’s where Instagram Reels comes to our rescue. The Reels are not too short, neither are they too long; therefore, they don’t test our composure. And they are perfect for our refreshment.

What’s exciting is that previously the Instagram Stories of our favourite artists, musicians, entertainers wereavailable only for 24 hours on their profile, and disappeared once the period was over. With us ending up missing out on so much if we skipped any by chance. But, with Reels, this problem is solved.

You can find Reels on a person’s profile, and it ‘stays.’ If you have a public account, your reels would be visible to everyone. And you can also choose people with whom you want to share them. It stays on private accounts as well, where only the followers can view it. You can pause Reels, replay as many times as you want, and even save it.

Well, the most noticeable and significant leap for Instagram in India is the ban of the immensely popular Chinese app Tiktok. Instagram has made the most out of this golden opportunity and redirected all the social media traction to its app, all thanks to Reels. You can now find all your favorite TikTok stars entertaining you in the same was on Reels as the did there.

In the end

The Reels feature has brought back the adrenaline rush that TikTok once gave to its users and viewers. Its absence from the Indian social media landscape is felt no more.

  • You can find Reels in the explorer section of Instagram
  • The content reaches beyond their followers
  • Instagram has partnered with various music labels to choose from. Therefore, a wide range of songs at your disposal
  • Given that Reels has a dedicated space in every Instagram account, marketers and influencers will have a new audience as their followers can now share their mini videos, unlike other apps that don’t allow the same
  • With the ban of Tiktok, Instagram now has lesser competition. Indeed, a very strategic move made by Facebook to expand Instagram’sreach in times like these.
  • Not only would it grow their business, but also expand the opportunities of Instagrammers to be more visible to their followers.

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