Why digital marketing is important for your business

September 15, 2020
September 15, 2020 circleit

Why digital marketing is important for your business

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If you don’t hate the year 2020 already, you are a time-traveller who skipped all the days of this year and just landed on today. We know how difficult this year has been for you and your business. If someone is going to tell you how important Digital Marketing is without telling you why it is so, you are going to give them a dirty look, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we will tell why exactly Digital Marketing is important and necessary for your business.

People are online: Yes, people are online more than ever. It means they are browsing through articles, watching videos, checking out memes or stalking their ex. It is the right time to reach them online. I know life is returning to normalcy but old habits die hard.

People are purchasing online: Have you taken a walk in your favourite mall recently? How many people did you see? How many shops were crowded? Did you wait in a long queue to clear your bills? Well, you have your answer. People have chosen to shop online and why wouldn’t they? It’s safe, easy and fun. You have a better chance of reaching out to those people if you start your Digital Marketing.

You can track the results: Digital Marketing offers you some of the most powerful tracking tools to understand the performance of your campaigns. There are hundreds of tools available at your disposal, you just have to sign up, integrate them with your website or app and start using them.

You can target niche audiences: With Digital Marketing, the possibilities are endless. You can target people based on demographics, marital status, their online behaviours,  last purchases, their interests and hobbies. Almost all the advertising platforms offer this kind of detailed targeting. Even when you have doubts about the kind of audience you should target, about the placement etc., you can run A/B tests and get the results faster than ever before.

Your competitors are doing it: If you know who your competitors are, just enter their website URL in one of the SEO and SEM tools like SEMrush and you’ll know whether they are working on SEO and SEM. Just search their Facebook pages in Facebook Ads Library and you will know whether they are running any ads or not. It is easy to know whether they are doing any Digital Marketing and if they are doing it, probably you should too.

Flexibility: You can run a video ad or a display ad, you can show your ads in the evening or in the morning. You can start with a budget of ₹100 or with something as big as ₹1,00,000. You can show your ads to the people within 5km radius from your location or to the people who stay  5000kms away from you. These are just some of the examples of flexibility. You can have many more options and choices. And you can always change things and change them the way you want to.

These reasons tell you why digital marketing is important for your business. Don’t start Digital Marketing just because of these benefits. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may end up burning a lot of money. Reach out to the experts in Digital Marketing, who can help you succeed in your efforts. At Circle It, we have a designated Digital Marketing team, which can help you reach beyond numbers. 

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